Plumbing emergencies are commonplace, and everyone has to face them today or tomorrow. You can protect your home from plumbing problems if you know how to handle such emergencies until the specialist arrives. Residential plumbing services protect your home against damages caused by water leaks.

Never attempt to do the repairing job by yourself you face a major issue, and your home is being damaged by water. Calling a professional immediately minimizes the cost and the harm. It is vital to take preventive steps if your home has a couple of inches of water on its floor, soggy drywall that has fallen to the floor, or a leak in the ceiling.

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

Minimize the damage to your home by keeping your cool instead of panicking during plumbing emergencies. You can handle plumbing emergencies through the steps mentioned below, but call a plumber emergency team, available 24×7, for the job. Remember to store their number in your contact’s list.

Useful plumbing emergency tips:

Shut off the water: During plumbing emergencies such as flooding, turn off the water supply from the mains. Turn the valve clockwise to shut off the mains.

Check your water heater: In a major emergency, switch off your water heater to prevent it against damages. Do this after shutting down the main valve to prevent heat from welling up inside the heater as this can lead to bursting of the same. Turn off the gas in case you have a gas water heater.

Tackle small leaks: Stop small and identifiable leaks as best as you can. You can do this with the help of plumber’s tape. Placing buckets below dripping leaks and stuff towels and rags around pipes to block the leak, minimizing the chances of further damage. Note down the locations where the leaks are taking place and show them to the plumber. This ensures that he can complete the job faster.

Open drains and spigots: Water will remain in your pipes even after shutting off the mains. Turn on any spigots outside your home to move this water away from your home and other potential damage prone areas. Squirt the garden hose a couple of times to clear out water accumulated in its pipe. Try to open the drain gently with a plunger if you are experiencing a small backup or clog. Never use chemical cleaners during an emergency as they might cause more harm before the plumber arrives.

Call and listen: Call a plumber immediately to minimize as much damage as possible. This ensures that you get tips about preventing the problem from spreading further. The professionals answering your call will also notify you if the situation is too dangerous. When a government official or a plumber tells you to leave your home during an emergency, do so, as it can save your life.

These tips provide you with the mindset required to handle an emergency and can save your home too. The ideal way to take care of any plumbing problem successfully is being prepared.

Plumbing Emergency Examples

Having a knowledge of what plumbing emergencies look like enlightens you of what to do in a plumbing emergency. When you face a plumbing problem, which you know you cannot handle, or when you find water damage from an undefined source calls the plumber immediately.

Remember, the severity of your specific situation can vary a lot regarding examples of plumbing emergencies. Find below a few of the commonest mishaps and accidents that necessities are contacting a plumber.

Extremely Hot Water: Everyone loves a warm shower, but nobody wants exposure to scalding water coming from the shower. You have a water heater issue if the water coming out from your sink or shower head is scalding hot. This generally means that your water heater has over-heated. Switch off your water heater immediately. Drain out the hot water from the heater by turning on all hot water taps in your home. Call a technician to locate the problem… most likely it’s a faulty thermostat.

Faucet Drips: Leaking faucets are annoying, but you cannot classify them as an emergency. Prevent the drip from turning into a full-blown leak by shutting off its valve with a wrench. For small leaks try to shut off the water with your bare hands, as wrenches can stick valves in an open condition or even break them.

Turn off the water supply from the mains if you cannot turn off the valve of the faucet by hand. After switching off the water, evaluate the faucet. You might attempt repairing the faucet if you have in-depth knowledge about it. If not, call the plumber straightaway.

Frozen Pipes: frozen pipes are common in cold weather. Every winter countless homeowners call plumbers to deal with cold weather damage. We deal with frozen pipes quite a lot.

Examine the frozen pipe carefully, inside or outside your home, carefully. Check for locations where the pipe has split or any spots in the fittings, which have been pushed apart and broken. If you notice any damage, call the plumber immediately.

In case you find no damage, use a hair dryer to thaw the entire pipe, instead of focusing on a single area. Never use the hair dryer if you are near a pool. Never use a flame burner as it is risky and can pose a risk to you as well as damage the pipe and cause a major leak.

To avoid frozen pipes:

  • Wrap the pipes to insulate them
  • Disconnect attachments like garden hoses
  • Allow warm air to reach the pipes in your home by opening cabinets
  • Maintain a higher temperature in your home

Leaking Pipes

Unfortunately, there is little you can do with a leaking pipe. Turn off the mains immediately and contact us. You need professional help to repair or replace broken and leaking pipes and also to examine the rest of your plumbing for any other damages.

Online do it yourself remedies can cause significant damage to your home and plumbing. Instead, address the leak by turning off your water supply. Pouring harsh chemicals and other solutions down your drains can intensify the problem.

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We Are Your Experienced Oceanside Plumber, Specializing in Rooter and Drain Cleaning Services – How Can We Help You?

A plumbing disaster can transpire at any moment. At Oceanside Plumbing and Rooter, we know that you can’t always postpone calling a plumber in Oceanside until the next day to get to the bottom of the problem. This is why we have been offering emergency plumbing services in the local community for the past 25 years. No matter when you need us, our trusted and expert technicians are available to help you. When you call our offices, a friendly dispatcher will take your information and have a plumber at your home or business in fewer than 90 minutes.

Common Reasons for Emergency Plumbing Services

Oceanside Plumbing and Rooter handles a number of emergency services on a daily basis and what one considers a plumbing emergency is not always the same as what their neighbor may consider an urgent situation. Although our skilled technicians respond to many different emergency calls, there are some issues that seem to appear more often than not. Here is a list of the top five emergency calls from Oceanside residents:

  • Damaged pipes
  • Leaky connections
  • Broken garbage disposals
  • Frozen pipes
  • Inoperative water heaters

Don’t see your problem listed? No worries. Give us a call and we will send a technician to your home to diagnose and evaluate whatever type of plumbing catastrophe you may be experiencing.

How Your Top-Rated Plumbing Service Company in Oceanside Makes Repairs

Our expertly trained service technicians systematically analyze and diagnose each individual plumbing issue. When a technician arrives at your home, they will assess the following by:

  • Determining the severity of the plumbing malady
  • Inspecting the problem from all angles
  • Defining the cause and scope of the malfunction
  • Providing a written estimate for repairs or replacements

Plumbers from Oceanside Plumbing and Rooter arrive at your home with a service truck that is fully stocked with all the necessary tools needed to make repairs on the spot. After receiving a written estimate for sewer line repair, drain cleaning, or water heater repair services, if you are ready to go ahead with the repairs the plumber should be able to make the repair on the same visit. However, sometimes parts may need to be ordered. If this is the case, our plumbers will clean up the any mess caused by the problem and make every effort to stop the situation from progressing farther to prevent any additional damage to your home while you wait for the parts to be ordered.

Why Choose Oceanside Plumbing and Rooter for Your Drain Cleaning and Sewer Line Repairs?

If you want to work with a plumbing company with a proven reputation for unbeatable prices and quality workmanship, we are the company you should call first. We offer friendly service, unrivaled service plans, skilled technicians, and satisfaction guaranteed repairs. All of our technicians are completely bonded, insured, and licensed, so your repair can be completed without worry or stress. Call us today to find out why we are your number one hometown plumber!