High-Quality Toilet Repair and Replacement in Oceanside, CA

Toilet repairs run the gamut. Some can be easy to make while others are a complicated process. At Oceanside Plumbing and Rooter, we know that our customers depend on us to deliver quality workmanship and precise repairs to make sure their plumbing works according to plan. If you have a toilet in your home that is giving you problems, call us right away. We’ll send a licensed plumber to your home to inspect the problem. 

You don’t have to live with clogged toilets, broken handles, leaky bases, and toilets that continuously run. There are solutions available right now at affordable rates when you call the area’s favorite plumbing service in Oceanside, CA.

Running Toilets

A toilet that runs non-stop costs you money. This problem can lead to hundreds of gallons of water being wasted in just one day. Usually, the problem is simple to fix, but homeowners are scared to make that call. Whether it is a corroded flush valve assembly, or you need a new flapper, we have affordable solutions that will save you money now and on future water bills.

Clogged Toilets

Highly-rated, local plumbers available near you for toilet repair in Oceanside, CA.Blockages can occur in the trap, drainpipe, or sewer line. The cause of a clogged toilet varies. The majority of shallow clogs that are found in the trap are caused by putting too much toilet tissue in the commode, flushing plastic applicators, sanitary napkins, and other feminine hygiene products down the drain. If you have small children in the household, toys and other small objects can find their way into your trap and drainpipe.

For blockages further in the drainpipe or in the sewer line, the cause may not be as straightforward. This is why it is always a good idea to call for the assistance of a plumber. Our plumbing pros use video plumbing technology to see exactly what is causing issues within your pipes. They also have special equipment and techniques to eliminate obstructions without destroying your home.

Sometimes toilets clog not because of a physical obstruction such as toilet tissue or a flushed toy, but because of poor installation of piping. An experienced and qualified plumber can help you determine what the problem is.

New Toilet Installation

If you’re interested in replacing a broken toilet or want to purchase a new model that uses less water, we can help. Our plumbing staff can assist you in finding the right style of toilet to match your existing bathroom accessories and with energy saving features such as low-flow technology.

Whether we help you purchase a new toilet or not, let us assist you with professional toilet installation in Oceanside, CA. Professional installation methods are guaranteed and provide homeowners with the peace of mind that their commode was installed correctly to prevent leaks or clogs.

For a full list of toilet repair and replacement services, give us a call today!